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Wow...over a year since the last update! What's new? Well, I've moved again, I'm still working for MAKE, and I'm still working on Zombox! I think it's become a labor of love at this point.

If you're interested, check out Zombox on...

Zombox DevBlog

Zombox Twitter

Zombox Facebook

Zombox Youtube


I've been working on a zombie sandbox game in my spare time, called Zombox. It'll eventually be released for mobile/web.

Check it out!


Moved to Vancouver!


BG+ has been updated! Download it here. Read about what's new here.


Got a mention in a recent CGSociety article. Check it out!


Added a new video to the gallery featuring a bunch of different project I've worked on!

Also updated my bio pic to one that isn't 5 years old :)


BG+ has been getting some more can now add things like windows and doors to buildings, and plenty of texturing capabilities have been added as well. Visit the cgtalk thread for the full scoop, as well as download links.


So in my free time over the past month I've been developing a new version of Building Generator called Building Generator Plus (real ingenious name, I know). It uses a plugin system called Helium that allows for the use of a simple node-based UI, rather than a complex and convoluted UI like the last version of BG. It's still very early in development but it already has lots of features that the old version of BG never had. For example, you can generate architectually-accurate sloped roofs now, rather than just boring flat roofs. Here's a teaser image of a little neighbourhood made with the beta version:

You can download the current beta version over here (be sure to click the thread link at the top right to view the rest of the relevant posts).


Flamethrower animation it has an audio track!


New animation added to the gallery!


Thanks to everyone who voted for me...the results are out and I was named one of the Autodesk Masters! See the results here.


I've been nominated for an Autodesk Masters Award! Check out all the nominees here and vote for your favorite!


Building Generator has been updated to fix some bugs. The download link is the same as before, but you can read about which bugs were fixed here and here.


Building Generator version 0.7 is out. Check out the new features here or download it here.

NOTE: if you are using Max'll need to install Service Pack 1 or else you'll get a "fileIn error" when you run the script!


Building Generator version 0.6 is out! It has loads of new features. Download it here, or read more about the new features here.


Version .52 of Building Generator is out. A bunch of new controls for material creation have been added! Download here, or find more info here.


Version 0.5 of Building Generator is out! And it has TONS of new features. Get the deets here, or immediately download the script here.


See a pattern here? Ha...well, version 0.45 is out. Download here, or see more info here.


Version 0.4 of the Building Generator is live! It now has the ability to generate textures on the fly (as seen in the image below)!You can use your own textures, or the textures I'm supplying in this texture pack. Read more info here, or download immediately here!


Version 0.35 of Building Generator is out! Now it's able to generate UVs for building objects, as well as prep materials. Get it here. More info here.


Version 0.3 of Building Generator is out! Get it here. More info about new features here.


Building Generator v0.2 is out! Grab it here or see a list of new features and bug fixes here.


Building Generator for 3d Studio Max 9 and above

Today I'm releasing a free procedural building generator script I've created.

To download, and read more information about the script, go here:



Hey everyone, a 3d animation book called "Secrets of Digital Animation" is now available for purchase on I get a lot of email from people asking me which books I recommend, and this is definitely one of them. Steven Withrow, the author, has packed this one full of tutorials, interviews and case studies from all kinds of digital films and videos. There's also an article included that I wrote, covering some handy Particle Flow tricks. Check it out!

(Click the "Look Inside" button on the left to get a preview of the innards!)


Took off the frontpage screen of my site today (the one you have to click through to get here). After having it there for around 4 years, I decided it was unecessary and probably annoying.


Had a nice surprise today....someone let me know that an image of my roboball rig (the one made for a video tutorial series, found here) is included in the 3d Studio Max 2010 documentation! Pretty cool to see how far the little guy has gotten around :) Here's a screenshot of the place it's found. I'm always happy when I see that people have found my tutorials helpful, and it's nice to see their results in action. Speaking of which, here here and here are some versions of the roboball animation other people have done.


New animation added to the gallery!


New short film added to the gallery!


Another animation added to the gallery!


New animation added to the gallery :)


A film I created called "Matrioshka" has been added to the gallery


BoingBoingTV recently featured my work in a short video-interview. Check it out!


THREE new animations added to the gallery!

By the way...thanks to everyone's support in the last month regarding my latest video tutorials! They recieved thousands of hits, and my bandwidth usage topped out at over 700gigs!


2 new animations added to the gallery!


Well...I've been working hard on my short film "Cycle Down" for the past 6 months, putting in a lot of hours from my spare time working towards getting it finished....and I've officially hit the 2 minute mark! That means it's about 20% done...hooray! Here's a teaser still image from it...I'm hoping to put together a trailer for it in the coming months.


The wonderful people over at recently featured me in an audio interview. Check it out here:


A brand new series of video tutorials have been added to the tutorial section! These tutorials will walk you through the creation of a 10 second shot, from animation to shading to rendering to compositing. Chech them out!


So it appears as though my fake Lactaid ad has become quite popular over on Yahoo!'s recieved over 260,000 views in the last 2 months!


Oh's been a while! And sadly, I have no new animation updates (yet). However, I have a really awesome alternative audio track for my transformers animation, expertly designed by Mikkel Nielsen. Check it out here:


Animation update in the gallery!


2 new animations added to the gallery!


Updated the gallery with a test animation created for a short film I'm currently trying to pump out....



....because after a 4 month delay, there's a new animation up on the gallery page!

05-13-2007's been so long since there's been an update! Well, thankfully today I added a new go check it out in the gallery!


TWO...yes....TWO more animations have been added to the gallery! Check them out!


Can you believe it? The gallery has been updated with a new animation! An update has been LONG overdue, and I apologize for the delay :)


Got a minute? Well then check out my brother's site! He does stop motion animation, as well as a lot of experimental 2d stuff. It's worth a look!


Happy new year everyone! I know it's been a long time since I updated the site....but there's been a reason....

I just moved to New Zealand! Yep...I'm now getting ready to study Film for 3 years. Wish me luck!

Anyways...I should have some updates relatively soon. In the past few months we've had a whack of projects at work that are all 90% once those get finalized there will be some big updates happening :)

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming here looking for more....I noticed I'm still getting about 10,000 unique visits per month, so apparantly I haven't lost anyone with my lack of updates yet!


MAJOR updates have been made to my autoIKstretch script. It is now officially "version 3", and can be downloaded here. Please note that although the changes have been tested, they are still technically in "beta" mode...which means that if you have any problems with the script, don't hesitate to email me. Changes include:

-code optimizations

-fixed a bug that caused Max to crash whenever you close a scene file containing a bone chain that uses the script (note: although this fix "works", it's currently just a workaround to the problem. I'm still working on hard-coding a proper fix, and when I do I'll post the update)

-There is now a custom attribute that is added to the Ik Chain End Effector which allows you to turn on/off a "smooth stretch" function, which smooths the extention of the bone chain, eliminating problems like popping elbows and knees



New animation added to the gallery!


Just updated the gallery section with a Holiday animation made for the Home Depot. ....go check it out!


My stretchy IK script has, once again, been updated! Now, after applying the script, if you scale the stretchy bone chain, it won't break the rig (ie...scaling strecthy bone chains no longer cause problems!)...this is a pretty major update, so if you use the script I suggest downloading the new version here!


New animation added to the gallery!


Katie Maren, an animator I work with, recently uploaded her website. She's been recieving quite a bit of recognition from film festivals lately for her most recent go check out her stuff!


Michael Oliver wrote a script that automated the process described in my bird-wing video tutorial. You can find it alongside the video in the tutorial section.


Another video tutorial added to the tutorials section :)


Huge update! THREE, that's right......three video tutorials have been added to the tutorial section! They cover reactor, pflow, and rigging a bird's wing using either a manual setup, or scripting. Go check them out!


My email is working again :)


My normal email address is currently down......please use my ivanisavich one until I announce that it's back up again :)


Hey everyone, just so you all know, my website may be up/down over the next couple of days since I'm in the process of transferring hosts.

***Edit........transferred all the files to the new host so everything should be good and up and running. However, if you happen to come across any broken links in the site let me know! Still have to switch my domain registrar by the there may still be some downtime in the next couple of weeks....but the hardest part is over with already.


Bonjour les enfants! Another gallery update :)


Gallery update......another animation added.


Another animation added to "les gallerie" :)


A new animation added to the gallery!


Progress of the below project can be seen here.


Won't have any new animation to show for quite a bit methinks.....but here's a rendered still from a short animated in-house film we're producing here at work over the next little while (to give you a taste of what's to come)


Some of you may have noticed that in several of my animated pieces I also credited a guy named Zach for his modelling/compositing help. Well, Zach Mandt is a compositor/modeller I work with who recently put his site/portfolio online! Check it out here!


New animation added to the gallery!


Quite a LARGE bug has been fixed in my autoIKstretch_v2 script. Download it here!


Once again, I updated my autoIKstretch script, based on the feedback some of you sent me...and now it's much better! (hoorah)

Fixed some bugs, and did 2 major things to it:

-it no longer uses the obsolete "dependsOn" function for the script controller it applys to your objects. Instead, scripted variables are created so that the scripts are no longer object-name independant (, if you change the name of one of your bones in your scene, the script will automatically recognize that...whereas before, changing the name of one of your scene objects would generate a script error)

-now, when you run the script, a custom attribute is added to the IKchain point that is selected, which controls any extra stretch you would like to add to the bones, after the distance between the first bone and the IKchain point surpasses the combined length of all the bones. In other words, in the old script...when you "stretch" the bones, they would just stretch out in a straight line......with the addition of the new custom attribute though, you can maintain a knee bend even after the bones have begun to stretch.

***NOTE*** This version of the script will not function in any version of Max below Max 8! If you are using a version below 8, you'll have to stick with the version posted below.

Download AutoIkStretch V2!

I should also note, that even though the 2 new features listed above are not available in the old version of the script (posted below), I did fix a rather large bug I found in the old version, wherein a script error was generated when the script was first run on an IK chain with a large number of bones, and then run on a chain with a lesser number of bones (basically, a variable array was not being reset, so max was looking for bones that weren't part of the 2nd chain)



Updated my autoIKstretch script. Much more intuitive now....all you have to do now is run the script, select the blue IK end effector of your chain and click the button, and it'll do all the rest of the work for you (before you had to tell it which bones were in the chain etc etc).

Also, it works with ANY number of bones now...from 1 bone chains to 100 bone chains.

Download the updated autoIKstretch script!

Please feel free to email me if you find any bugs and/or have any suggestions for the script!


I wrote a script at work today to help with rigging a bit....basically, it takes Michael Comet's stretchy IK script controller* and automates the process of implementing it into a rig so that you don't have to waste time setting up stretchy IK the hard way.

It's pretty self explanatory once you run the script so I don't think I need to explain it...but please note that it only works with a TWO bone IK setup (like a regular arm or leg)...anything more and you'll get lots of errors :)

Download the autoIKstretch script!

*Basically, when you setup the original script, dragging an IK handle past the snap point of the bones in the chain will cause the bones to stretch in length to compensate for the gap that normally appears. If you haven't tried it before...I suggest you do! Michael Comet has some explanatory .max files showing how it works here


Hey everyone....since the time I switched my server back in Novemeber, my site has recieved 3.6 MILLION hits! Thanks to everyone for your continued support and be sure to check back here on a regular basis!


My work profiled in USAToday.

My work profiled in the New York Times.


Got facebook? Feel free to add me if so (search for "Tyson Ibele"). I'm not really into the whole blogging scene but facebook I can deal with :)


Want to see some awesome 2d animation? Check out Jacques Daigle's site! This guy is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT when it comes to quality *FLASH* animation (yes I said Flash...because you'd never know all looks traditionally cell animated)! Check it out:


Andrew Chesworth is a fantastic animator from Minneapolis, who drops by MAKE once in a while......check out his site!!!


Added another 2d style animation to the gallery


The Firefox ad has been added to the gallery, and overall we placed 4th in the competition. Read some of the comments on the judging here:



Hey people....Firefox recently held an advertising contest for their browser. The contest closed a couple days ago....but it's voting time now!

Here's the ad I completed with Zach Mandt and Danny Robashkin:

You can also view all of the other entries on the site as well. That being said, if you like for it!!!


Hey forum,, is holding a new Visual Effects Minichallenge entitled "TWISTER"!

Check it out!!


Greetings fellow earthlings! Sorry for the lack of updates lately...we've been real busy at work lately with some cool projects that will be online soon (couple weeks from now). Keep checking back!


3 more short animations added to the gallery for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for your patience! More to come soon......


Added a Frequently Asked Questions section to the site, updated a couple of the other pages and added a new animation to the gallery!


No new work posted yet (that'll come soon...I promise!)...but I changed a couple of buttons on the sidebar over to the left. Mainly, renamed "wip" to "junk" simply because I doubt I'll be posting any more wips in there, and added a link to the simplycg forums (which I and Cameron James administrate).

As a side note, the forum has been growing rapidly as of late and I'd just like to thank everyone who's checked it out and supported us! We now have over 200 members and our post count just reached 6000 a few days ago. Once again, thanks a ton for supporting our growing community of cg artists!


After much forgetfulness....I've finally remembered to upload the previously absent "heavy lifting" animation back up to my gallery. I'm not really sure why or how it disappeared in the first place....but either way it's back online! You can download it here.


Happy new year everyone :)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately....I went home for Christmas for 2 weeks so I haven't been doing much animating as of late....but that being said...I'm back now and I've started up a couple of new projects so I'll definitely have some updates in the next few weeks....stay tuned!

12-11-2005 (the forum I administrate) is having its first official animation challenge! Click here to join the fun!


Another 2d-style animation has been added to the gallery


A short animation has been added to the gallery


Another animation with the "kid" has been uploaded to the gallery...go check it out!


As promised, I've updated my gallery with an animation featuring my "kid" character!


Well's time for another episode of "What has Tdot been up to?"...hooray!

This week in the limited spare time I've had, I've been getting ready to animate the kid-character I made which you can see in the frame below.

You can see a screenshot from the animation here:

Teddy's been BAD!

The animation should be up in a couple of days so hold on tight!


Hey everyone...I know I haven't posted any character animation in a while....and that's because I've been working on making a new character!

(Here's a quick render of him):

He's a little kid based on some concept designs by Mark Behm...and pretty soon you'll be seeing a lot more of him around here! animation yet...but you can see his "making of" over at simplycg here:




A Canadian TV Station called "Bite TV" is going to be featuring some of my work soon...and they've got a lot of other awesome video content online as go check them out!


Yay! All of my files are officiallly transferred onto the new no more bandwidth issues! Phew...looks like all of my worries and troubles have been solved. Well...not really hehe...but at least I won't be dishing out any more money than necessary to enable the kind folk like yourself to see my stuff!

If you find any dead links or weirdness in my pages, please let me know....but everything should have transferred over smoothly since I technically didn't change any of the folder setups etc.

Also note that I've changed my domain name. It's now:

and no longer! So...if you've got my site in your favourites folder...make sure you update it so you don't get 404'd in the future!

Oh...and by the way...make sure you head over to my good friend Cameron James' website when you have a chance!


Got a new server! Now I've got 500gigs/month of bandwidth and tons more online storage space so once I transfer some of my files over I won't be paying for all this extra traffic anymore :)


No animation updates yet today....but I've recently noticed that my "heavy lifting" video is I'll have that back up shortly (once I get a chance to grab the original file back off my old computer)

I'd also like to thank everyone for the insane amount of support my site has been getting in the last day or two due to the "Sony transformations" video I posted. Although I've had to take the file down from my site temporarily (it was downloaded approximately 20,000 times in under 8 you can imagine the kind of bandwidth I was going through), the file is still available at my company's site HERE (or you can just click the image in the gallery). Once my site cools down a bit, I'll be hosting it directly again though :)


No new animations yet...but I fixed the link to my "running hand" animation....the version of the animation that was originally linked to was the old version (without the second hand that swings in) I've fixed that now! See it here!

By the way....the feedback I've gotten from the Sony ad has been fantastic! Thanks to all those who've checked it out!


THREE more animations added to the gallery! Check them out!!!


Hooray! 2 new animations added to the gallery!


Okay....6 new animations have now been added to the gallery! Thanks for your patience since there hasn't exactly been updates in a while....but now that my hosting issues have been sorted out, I'm hoping to update this site with stuff much more frequently.


Also, as a special announcement....the SIMPLYCG forums are now online! I started these forums a couple of months ago in partnership with my good buddy Cameron James, and they've taken off pretty quickly. So....if you're a talented animator, modeller, texturer etc etc, feel free to check them out and post your work! We also hold bi-monthly animation if you'd like to practice your animation skills, simplycg is a great place to start!



Big news! I now work for a company called MAKE here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I made the move last month so that's the reason for the lack of updates....but now that I'm concentrating on a lot of varying in-house effects work...there will be lots of updates soon! (including later today as I sort things out with my new Dreamweaver configuration etc)


Haha...well I added my rigid-body deformations tutorial 2 days ago, but forgot to link the imageon the "tutorials" page to it!....that's fixed now though :) Thanks Cam.


A tutorial has been added, covering the basics behind faking rigid-body deformations using reactor (ie...the method I used to crash my car)


Hey everyone...sorry for the delay in updates. 2 more animations have been added to the gallery!


No animation update today....but I would like to suggest that you check out the work done by Frantic Films. Not only are they a fantastic visual effects company, but they're lucky enough to have Chris Harvey on board as a character and VFX technical director. Chris was the creator of a facial rig that originally inspired my facial rigging tutorial, and is an incredibly talented Canadian artist. Makes me proud to be a Canadian too! :)


FOUR new animations have been added to the gallery! ...Enjoy!


Hello everyone :) You may have noticed that some of my files (TBW, Wasteland, Skills Canada entries etc) have been offline for the past while. That's due to the fact that I recently changed my server from e-rice to dreamhost. Anyways...the files are back online now, so happy downloading! week I'll have 2 new animations to post...and soon after that I'll have a new little short film that I've been working on to post as keep this site bookmarked!


Sorry for the delay in updates...I've been quite busy lately. But....that's just a cheap 2 more animations have been added to the gallery!


2 more animations have been added to the gallery! Also...due to some people having problems with the roll-over images in the gallery, I have removed them. Also note that I changed the format of the gallery page (so that animations appear first, before the image gallery)


Added a new tutorial covering the basics behind secondary motion when dealing with animation


Added 2 new animations to the gallery!


Added a tutorial covering the basics of a facial animation rig using bones


Sorry for the lack of updates...once again it's busy times over here with school, work and other things happening. Anyways, I posted the (current) final image of my Nightmare creature today.

By the way, I appreciate all of your encouraging emails!


Updated the progress of my Nightmare creature.


Updates! Yay! I added my "Nightmare" model to the wip section, and also uploaded the full-length versions of Wasteland and Freedom!


Haha...I'm getting in a bad habit of not updating this site too often...ah well...there should be a number of updates soon, including this animation I posted today :)


Once again, it's been a while! I've added 2 new animations to the gallery section though!


Yipes! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated this site...anyways...some new gallery stuff added for ya'll and some new wip stuff as well :)




Huge Emote gallery update!


Ho ho ho!


Turned my Emote images into a section of the gallery since there are so many of them now...and added another one...and another...


What a surprise!


You guessed it.


Another gallery image hot off the presses!

Woah...that's 7 in one day! A new world record?


Three more gallery additions here, here and here. I'm on a roll!


Two gallery additions here and here.


Rendered in the same style as the last image, another "cool pic! (TM)" has been added to the gallery!


Along with the daily heads updates, I've updated the gallery with this image as well


Ok...since these heads are being posted almost every day...I'm going to stop announcing it when a new one is added.'ll just have to check for yourself! :)


That's right....another head added!


Another head added to Heads!


Finally an update! Well....I've been doing some freelance stuff lately so I haven't had time to post anything....but I figured I should probably get something up sooner than later so I've started a new series of models that I will be posting regularly. You can see them here.


Added an animation utilizing the helicopter model I made to the gallery


One more helicopter wip update


Another helicopter wip update


Update! I've got a new helicopter/model dealy going on which is currently a work in progress for my next short film. You can see the progress here.


Added some animations to the gallery

Added the final image of my Machineflesh wip to the gallery


Updated the gallery here

Added a tutorial section with the first tutorial I've ever written!


Some new animation added to the gallery


Just came back from winning GOLD at the National Skills Competition in Winnipeg! It was a tough weekend, but well worth it in the end obviously! You can view all of the entries here.


Machineflesh updated


My short film, The Beast Within is online! Also, I've got a new server so I have a lot more space (500 megs) and can be more liberal when it comes to how much I can upload.

(Btw...if my site goes down soon, I apologize, because posting the film on is killing my bandwidth :P)


Updated the Machineflesh wip

Updated the gallery here


Another Machineflesh update...


Updated the Machineflesh wip section with some more renders...


Updated the wip section with my progress in the Machineflesh challenge over at


I updated my cgtalk animation session animation. This is the final version.


I added another animation to the gallery.


An animation/motion-tracker test has been added to the gallery, here


I added another 2 images to the gallery, which you can view here and here


I added a particle dispersion test to the gallery.

Also, I found out that I won 1st place regionally at the Skills Canada competition! Now, for the first time, I'm off to the provincials to compete on May 4!


Most of the bugs have been killed. Thanks to the helpful members of!


Fixed some minor formatting bugs


Dedicated a section of the gallery to Wasteland and added another animation.


Updated the WIP section, and added some animations to the gallery.


Many more updates! The gallery looks a little more healthy at this point.


Well, as of now, I have a website! Pretty simple, but luckily I'm not trying to get into the web design industry. There will probably be tons of updates in the next little while.